Land O’Lakes Released A New Maple Butter With Brown Sugar and I Need It

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Maple and brown sugar are THE BEST flavor combinations. There is no way you can convince me otherwise. So a spreadable butter form? Um, yes please. Why isn’t it already here. Like now.

Land O’Lakes

Land O’Lakes has down a number on my taste buds…in a good way. I can’t believe this hasn’t been done sooner. But I’m already eyeballing that “limited batch” label, which means it won’t be around forever.

The Maple Me Crazy butter spread is already in stores so my searching begins. I may have to buy all of them. So…sorry guys. I don’t know if I can actually share this one.

Land O’Lakes

I’m already trying to imagine all the possibilities of what to use this with. Pancakes, waffles, toast, french toast, and hear me out on this one…mashed potatoes. For some reason, I can’t get over the idea that it would be fantastic.

Land O’Lakes

“Maple Me Crazy Butter Spread is great beyond breakfast too!” the description says. “We’ve baked it into chewy sugar cookies, melted it on roasted sweet potatoes, and have used it to make perfectly crunch caramel corn.”

Basically, if a recipes calls for butter, you might as well take it up a notch with this version.

This is limited so you better get your hands on it quick, because I’m about to Karen the heck out of you in the store to fight over it (Sorry to all the actual Karens out there, it just sounded funny in my head)

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