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These Crown Royal Whiskey Barrel Pellets Will Infuse That Smooth Crown Royal Flavor Into All Your Summer Grilling

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You can get Crown Royal Cooking Pellets to infuse that delicious Crown Royal flavor into everything you cook on your grill this summer.

Bust out those grills, because it’s almost officially summer, and we need that barbecued meat!!

There’s just some things that go together, like summertime by the pool and barbecuing all the things in the grill. AMIRITE?!?

That smokey flavor fills the air, bringing with it the most delicious aromas of steak, chicken, veggies, hot dogs, hamburgers — OMG, I want it now!!

Pellet cooking is nothing new. The use of pellets in your grill infuses a smokey flavor into your grilled foods that you can’t get with charcoal alone.

And, how delicious is it that you can now get the smooth flavor of Crown Royal in all your summer meats and veggies?!?

Crown Royal whiskies are aged to perfection in white American oak barrels. During this process the wood imparts the flavors of vanilla, caramel and oak into the liquid producing a harmonious balance of flavor. When the barrels are emptied, the distinct character of Crown Royal is left behind in the wood. 


It is these whisky barrels, which are processed into grill pellets, that impart that delicious vanilla, caramel, and oak flavor into everything you cook on the grill.

Each bag of Crown Royal Cooking Pellets contain a blend of 50% Crown Royal whisky barrels and 50% Sugar Maple. Y’all. YUM!!

Infuse The Flavor Of Crown Royal Into All Your Summer Barbecuing

Add smooth, sweet, regal flavor to your foods with authentic Crown Royal barrels!


These Crown Royal Cooking Pellets will run you 50 bucks for two 20-pound bags — 40 pounds total.

You can get your own bags of Crown Royal Cooking Pellets on the Amazon website.

They do make Pellet Grills — which makes cooking with the pellets hella easy. You just pour your pellets in the pellet tray, and let the grill do all the work.


You can pick up a good Pellet Grill for $280 on the Amazon website.


Heck, throw the Pellet Grill and the Pellets in your Amazon cart, and get them all at the same time. You’ll be summer grilling before you know it!


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