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This guys turns precious moments dolls into these scary little creatures

I grew up loving and collecting Precious Moments Figurines, but not like this!

You know, Precious Moments, those cute ceramic figurines that look like little cherubesque kids plopped right down into precious scenes of perfect life moments.

I mean, I’ve been to the Precious Moments Chapel, in Joplin, Tennessee many times. It’s a place of piece, tranquility, and everything precious.

It’s definitely not the land of terror and screams that is depicted by these horrific recreations created by Keith Busher the Precious Mutator.

At first, I was horrified by what Keith did to these cute, angelic kids!!

Is it completely awful that, the more I look through the pictures, the more I think they are pretty darn cool?

Don’t get me wrong. They are pretty disturbing!! But, in the most precious way possible!!

You have to at least go check out his Instagram account. It’s definitely worth looking through. The guy is pretty creative … in the most horrific way.

Trigger warning: if you don’t like creepy clowns … or melting faces … or demonic nuns … or bloody body parts … you are going to see them.

I probably should have put the trigger warning at the top. Whoops. Sorry.

Enjoy the precious terror!