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Confession Time: I Hated Kindermusik

Back when my daughter was a Toddler, I signed her up for Kindermusik. Well, technically I signed us up for Kindermusik, because it was one of those mommy and me type activities.

But I hated it. I dreaded getting ready for it, I dreaded parking my car and getting my kid out in the rain to go inside… I hated being there in a big open room where we had to sit in a little circle with all the other moms and dads, singing out loud and rubbing sandpaper blocks together.

I especially hated rubbing sandpaper blocks together. 

I actually disliked all those mommy and me type classes. Every single one of them. The guided play was so freakin’ weird. Everyone sits in a group with their child sitting in their lap, the instructor then tells you how to play along with your kid, what songs to sing, what beat to clap to… just all sorts of ridiculous stuff that I can seriously do on my own without ten other parents sitting across from me judging me on my singing voice and rhythm style.

I know what you’re thinking: Oh those people don’t care about you– they’re just there to play with their own children and have a good time. 

Bullshit. You know how I know this? Because I was TOTALLY judging them. That dad can’t sing. That lady needs new highlights. Shouldn’t that little boy be walking better than that. Oh wow, my daughter knows way more words than that kid. 

Hey, those classes are like an hour long. I can only sing about the mouse going up and down the clock so many times before I go insane— you can’t blame me if my mind wandered a bit.I am just saying if I was thinking things about them, then they were thinking things about me. And, that just sucks. The idea that we are all sitting there comparing parenting points and seeing who’s the best is my least favorite kind of parenting. 

I am not saying I didn’t like getting out and having my kid play with other kids, I LOVED those activities like gymnastics, etc. I loved watching her interact with other kids, getting to know them, and just seeing all that cool social stuff click in their little minds. The only problem is, how the heck can they do that with their parents sitting on top of them trying to show them proper jingle bell ringing techniques?

Which is what I think the root of my problem is with these kinds of classes.. it’s TOO structured for play with parents and their kids. I taught children for crying out loud, I don’t need some crazy lady in a flower skirt telling me how to interact with them. I just wanted my kid to interact with other children, and to have a good time. Those classes so aren’t about having a good time. They’re about taking your money because you feel like you should be doing that stuff with your child.

So, I want to know– what thing do you hate that you’re supposed to love?

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Friday 3rd of January 2020

I started Kindermusik when I was 5 months old and graduated at 6. Now I'm almost 13 and play the piano, drums, trombone, trumpet, baritone, and I sing. A lot of this is thanks to Kindermusik. Like @Orly Tennant said, you most likely just had a bad experience.

Becky Wallingford

Sunday 21st of October 2018

Your profanity is shocking. You sound like you are at a Trump rally. You should not be teaching young children with that foul mouth. You sound and look like a no-class individual. You probably have tats to go with that purple hair. It's OK to hate Kindermusik, but you could express yourself without cursing. Jeez.


Monday 6th of August 2018

Yikes, wow. I wouldn't even think to judge the other moms and kids like you do. We love kindermusik and my daughter has been attending for 3 years. My son starts soon.


Monday 9th of April 2018

WOW! That’s harsh! So much hate over a kids class....? Really...? Sad Stuff!!!


Friday 5th of January 2018

Ugh, on the negative comments. Lol, about the article. I read it outloud to my husband & he shuddered, on our experiences with Kindermusik. I used to force him to go all the time. I was a Kindermusik teacher. The curriculum ideal, makes sense for development. But the songs & activities are cheesy, repetitive & not condusive to modern moms & dads. I know this, because I was good at teaching, because I understood the awkward & redundant, I like better music & I did allow my parents to chill out with one another, while singing & playing with the children. I took the curriculum & jazzed it up... and it was way better & I had large, successful classes. Here’s the other kicker... I worked for an already established program. So boss lady, was making buckets of money, I was doing ALL the work, paying for gas to drive all over the place, getting very limited tax deductions for gas, extra supplies, etc., then filing my taxes, like a small business... while boss chick raked in all the profits, paid me barely anything & because I taught so many classes for her, she was ranked up into Maestro, which is a Kindermusik specialized program, that gives those top owners, leadership perks & bonuses. The old lady asked me to purchase her business... I went through all the business plan/financing motions, paid for her advertising & whatever else she wanted, she pulled the contracts out from under me. Backed out, cost me everything, then turned around & used the Maestro, to keep me in a non compete for a year. Kindermusik wasn’t concerned the damage it did to me... they cared only about that title & her program making them money, even though it was actually me teaching most of the classes. I had a partner at the time & Kindermusik & the old lady, willingly, screwed us both over. We weren’t the only teachers who have dealt with that too. This seems like common practice with most teachers. Kindermusik allows a few teachers, to monopolize areas, then hire cheap teachers, then no competition, is allowed for these teachers, once they are under someone’s umbrella. I wish I could have sued both Kindermusik & the old lady... but they turned me upside down financially, and they knew I couldn’t fight back. There were all kinds of terrible things we had to deal with, but I have blocked most of it out, since then. I dropped my Kindermusik license & just stayed away for years. Now I just teach my own curriculum & it’s pretty fun. Parents seem way more relaxed & happy... so much less awkward & better music/activities. I stay aligned with a fair & balanced pricing system, better made materials, and I make better money just by being my own program & people thinking it’s fun & cool. Take that Kindermusik demons.