You Can Now Get Maple Syrup Flavored Goldfish Crackers Inspired by Buddy the Elf

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Buddy the Elf has not only been successful with spreading Christmas cheer year after year, but apparently, he’s also inspiring others with his candy and maple syrup diet.

The iconic Goldfish cracker has decided to part ways with it’s classic cheesy flavor and has opted for a more, sweeter taste, at least for the holidays anyway.

Inspired by the classic holiday film Elf, maple syrup flavored goldfish crackers now exist.

And considering syrup is one of the four main food groups according to Buddy, these new graham crackers fit right in.

Courtesy of Pepperidge Farm

While we’re hesitant to smother our pasta with syrup, these new graham crackers seem good enough to at least try.

Now we know that Buddy has a big sweet tooth, and because of that fact, we can expect the syrup inspired goldfish crackers to feature notes of brown sugar, butter, caramel, and vanilla.

Courtesy of Instacart

Not only will these crackers taste like candy, but the snack that smiles back has also packaged new shapes inspired by the movie.

So expect to pull out crackers shaped like Buddy’s hat or his maple syrup jug that he can never leave at home.

Courtesy of Campbell Snacks

The new Elf-inspired, Maple Syrup Goldfish crackers are currently headed to grocery store shelves, but if you’re like Buddy who has a sweet tooth that just won’t quit, you can snag the new pack online, here.

Courtesy of Instacart

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