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Here’s What You Can Expect on The McDonald’s Spin-off Restaurant Menu

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If McDonald’s were to completely redesign their menu as if it came from outer space, it would look a little something like this.

The McDonald’s corporation is expanding their chain of restaurants, but it’s not something Ronald McDonald is familiar with.

A McDonald’s spin-off restaurant created with outer space in mind and inspiration of the old chain’s character CosMc, has officially landed on planet Earth.

The new place to eat, unlike it’s Earthly sister locations, is a beverage-led brand with over ten different combinations of flavorful beverages that will cure your midday slump.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

Of course the new menu also includes several food options such as the Spicy Queso Sandwich and McPops, because what else do you expect aliens to eat?

Courtesy of McDonald’s

Making its first stop in Bowlingbrook, Illionois, you can count on the shiny new location to open this month!

And according to NBC Chicago, the restaurant is planning a soft opening tomorrow, on Friday the 8th, alongside a few other locations that will make landfall in the upcoming months.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

By the end of next year, McDonald’s says that there should be approximately 10 CosMc’s ready to serve humans, and not just aliens.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

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