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Experts Say Women Perform Better at Work When They’re Not Freezing

Women are always cold – that we know. My husband says it’s from having kids and having my life force (and body heat) “sucked out of me”. So, why aren’t more places handing out heated blankets to accommodate our lack of warmth?

That I don’t know but what I do know, is that Experts Say Women Perform Better at Work When They’re Not Freezing and I just want to reply -DUH!

A study published in the PLOS ONE examined 500 individuals who were asked to perform a set of cognitive tasks (math, verbal and cognitive reflection), subject to experimentally manipulated indoor temperatures.

They found that for math and verbal tasks, consistent with their subjective temperature preferences, women perform better at warmer temperatures versus cold temperatures.

Men display the opposite pattern, performing better at lower temperatures.

It has been found that men and women have roughly the same core body temperature with some studies finding the female core body temperature is slightly higher than men’s.

But it’s our perception of temperature which depends more on skin temperature, and for women, that tends to be lower due to hormones.

In fact, in a study published in a 2015 paper in the journal, Nature, found most offices set their thermostats using a male-centric “thermal comfort model,” which are “intrinsically non-energy-efficient in providing comfort to females.”

So, yes, most offices favor the temperature for men, keeping it more cold and therefore, have offices with women who may be underperforming due to being cold.

If you want women to perform better, give out heated fans and heated blankets during the hiring process, they’ll keep warm, perform better and it’ll be better for everyone!


Monday 1st of July 2019

Simply trash no shit people work better when comfortable it's just not feasible to make an entire office comfy at 75 degrees while a guy has to be a sweaty mess. Women can wear long pants and long John's if they're that cold men can old take off so many clothes. #KEEPTHERMOSTATSDOWN also we should be using as little thermostat as possible #globalwarming

Based in Reality

Monday 25th of November 2019

Not Trash! In my agency there are about 600 people in the bldg. There are less than 10% men. The Lady's bathrooms have like 10 stall each. One of them has about 16 stalls. The men's bathrooms has one stall & 2 urinals. And there's only like 3 bathrooms, we have many. So since there's not even 60 men here, It is Very Stoopit to keep it cold. Women sit in here in their Gloves, Coats, Scarfs, Blankets, 2 pair of Pants, 2 shirts - We are not allowed to have heaters. We used to have heated blankets & now that is banned! So if they Want Optimal Performance, they Need to raise the Temperature. But, really I don't care because I go outside of my agency & see people in their homes. But, the rest of the agency has to Suffer. There are 8 of us that go out. Mgmnt don't care, we Don't Care!