Five Things To Do When You’re Just Done

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I’m going to start out by saying, yes, I know there are people out there who have things worse than I do. Of course there are people worse off, but let’s face it…sometimes we all get to a point where our lives are overwhelming. Maybe we had an accident the day after our car insurance lapsed. Maybe our spouse is not being the person we believe they can be. Maybe life’s just been dumping a little too much onto our laps all at once and we’re just Over It. It’s okay. We’ve all been there. The thing is, you’re not alone. Really. In fact, here are Five Things To Do When You’re Just Done.

five things to do when you're done


Five Things To Do When You’re Just Done

1. Take a day – Step away from whatever it is that’s going on and pretend like it doesn’t exist. If that means going to the zoo, go for it. Pedicure? Sure. Chocolate cake and a Netflix marathon? Why the heck not? It’s your day – do what makes you happy.

2. Get out and exercise – Yeah, yeah, everyone always says that, but who really wants to exercise when life sucks sour lemons? It’s okay – I get it. Maybe go for a swim instead. Or go to the mall and window shop to your heart’s content. Or maybe go find a playground somewhere and swing. All you really have to do is get active…how you do it is up to you.

3. Start an appreciation journal – Again, probably not something you want to think about when you’re feeling like the universe is   MMAing all over your rear end, but have fun with it. Maybe you appreciate not slipping in the shower that morning. Maybe you appreciate knowing chocolate exists (that’s a big one for me). Whatever you appreciate – write it down. It’ll help, really, it will.

4. Get more sleep – Or actively try to sleep less…whichever one will help. In my case, it’s less but for you maybe that extra hour or two will make all the difference in your day. Do whatever is best for you.

5. Take a vacation – Staycation? Time off, is all I’m saying. When was the last time you actually took a week all for your lonesome? Do it! Do it now. If you can, go somewhere and leave your phone behind…but even if you can’t actually head out of town find things to do nearby. Just don’t stay at home…

throwing in the towel

Last thing: You don’t always have to be Mary Sunshine. Seriously, if life sucks and someone asks, “Hey, how are you?” go ahead and tell them, “You know what? Life sucks right now.” If they’re offended or put off by that, screw’em. The people who care about you will want to know when you’re having a tough time. You Don’t Have To Do This Alone. One of the worst things about how ‘connected’ we all are now, is that it sometimes feels like we’re more alone than ever. But it doesn’t have to. Reach out. Be honest with people. Ask for help when you need it. The ones who love you want to be there, so let them.

I wish I could say things will get better, but to be honest sometimes they don’t. All you can do is try to take this…whatever this is…one day at a time. Or one minute at a time if days are too hard. If you can even make it to the next day, you’re already doing better than some. It’s okay to be Just Done. It’s okay to need a break. Do your best! That’s all any human can do and, believe it or not, you are just human.

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  1. Thank you never use computer just typed in I”m done and looked at the first site Makes sense Thanks

  2. Terrible article, absolutely zero base in reality with bullshit fantasy fixes. Belongs in a grocery store check out aisle magazine for housewives sweating about their fat ass thighs. Blah blah blah.

  3. Wow. Yeah, sometimes things just do not get better. I appreciate someone FINALLY blogging the harsh cold reality instead of blowing sunshine and roses up my a$$.

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