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The Woman That Sprayed Gorilla Glue In Her Hair Has Now Had to Cut Her Ponytail Off

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Yes, another update on Tessica Brown AKA Gorilla Glue Girl! If you are new to the story, our last update was about her planned travel to Beverly Hills to see a plastic surgeon.

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Tessica made a huge mistake over a month ago, she used Gorilla Glue spray adhesive instead of her normal hairspray. Let me clarify, she CHOSE to use it, she didn’t accidentally use it.


Stiff where????? Ma hair ??

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After a month of trying to wash it out, she ended up going to the hospital. They really were not able to help her but sent her home with some things to try…

Then there was talk about her getting a lawyer and seeing what her legal options were against Gorilla Glue. Then for some reason, Gorilla Glue apologized to her.

Now the newest update is that she cut her ponytail off. According to TMZ, Tessica spent 4 hours on her hair with “Goof Off” super glue remover.

A friend of hers helped with the “Goof Off” application as well as with the chopping of the ponytail.

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They managed to get the hair softened enough to get the ponytail chopped off, which is offering a little bit of relief.


The hair on her scalp kept hardening back up though and she still plans to travel to Los Angeles.

Once in Los Angeles, the doctor that offered to help says that he can get the rest of the adhesive out of her hair.


She says that her head burns and again, I hate to see anyone suffering and i hope she gets relief. However, even considering suing over this is ridiculous.


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  1. All I can say is; poor thing I do feel bad for her. But she did this to herself and ANY Lawyer who would consider taking her case should be disbarred. Her lack of common sense is her own fault.

  2. So she uses a product not meant for skin contact and used another product not meant for skin contact to try to remove the first product. Bless the sainted medical professionals who are trying to save her literal skin.

  3. At what point is it time to say f*ck it and take #1 and clippers and be done with this sh*throw? Now? Is now that point?

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