Adam Levine Is A Rockstar Dad, But His Toddler Doesn’t Want Him Singing To Her And It’s Hilarious

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Adam Levine is not only super-talented, and super-hot, he is the coolest of dads.

He is so “obsessed” with his two kids, he quit The Voice, in part, to spend time with them.

There is one, slightly HILARIOUS problems with that. His oldest daughter would prefer he not sing to her!

Adam’s oldest daughter, Dusty Rose, would prefer her dad just set down his guitar and quit singing to her. LOL!

Check out this clip from The Ellen Show below.

Way to keep it real, kid!

I guess Adam will just have to be a dad at home, and save all of his Rockstar perfection for US!

I’m perfectly okay with that.

You rock, Adam Levine! Good job taking care of those kiddos, but save that singing for us.

Watch for Adam’s band, Maroon 5, to be coming to a city near you soon!

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