People Are Saying GenX Retirement Homes Should Be in Abandoned Malls and It Sounds Like Heaven on Earth

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I swear, malls are constantly closing down by me.

If you feel the same, then it seems like we are not alone.

In fact, people online have come up with a pretty clever use these large abandoned buildings…

Honestly, I am here for it!

And the genius idea?

People are saying abandoned shopping malls should be turned into retirement communities and the idea just makes sense.

Courtesy of @lottidotti80

Given the fact that Nick Egelanian, president of the retail consulting firm SiteWorks explained to the Walt Street Journal that in the next 10 years, there might only be 150 malls left nationwide, we will soon have a massive amount of large abandoned buildings on our hands.

When you think about it, these large spaces already have many of those amenities built in.

Courtesy of @genxchelle

Just think about it; kitchens could replace food courts, there would be plenty of parking and the building itself, could even rock out to music with what once was used as elevator music for shoppers.

Not to mention the pairs of escalators can also aid those who have difficulty walking up and down the stairs and large bathrooms installed with numerous stalls at one time.

So lets face it, the abandoned malls that are simply sitting in parking lots wasting space could possibly be the best equipped buildings for retirement communities.

I am totally on board with this idea!

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