You Can Get Grinch and Cindy Lou Inspired Hot Cocoa Bombs And I Need Them

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Hot Cocoa Bombs are the flat screen TV of a huge Black Friday sale, everyone wants one and many of us are itching to make them.

But did you also know that there’s such a thing as the Grinch Hot Cocoa Bombs!

Started originally from Mrs. Brittanie herself over at simplisticallyliving.com, you can check out her bomb recipe on how to make the perfect Grinch inspired Hot Cocoa Bomb.

Although if you don’t feel like making them yourself, which is completely fine since the holidays are always terribly busy, there is the option of buying them online!

Courtesy of ItsTheBombChocolate

Currently on Etsy, ItsTheBombChocolate is selling the Grinch and Cindy Lou inspired Hot Cocoa Bombs and they are just too cute!

Courtesy of ItsTheBombChocolate

The Grinch inspired design has a bright neon green base with a small red heart in the middle of the Hot Cocoa Bomb since you know, the Grinch’s heart ultimately starts off small and then grows bigger in the movie!

Courtesy of ItsTheBombChocolate

And as you can guess, the Cindy Lou inspired Hot Cocoa Bombs are the bright pink sweet treats topped with a pink bow.

Courtesy of ItsTheBombChocolate

Now if for some reason you haven’t experienced the delight of a hot cocoa bomb exploding in your boiling hot milk, then you can currently find these delights on Etsy for $28 for a 4 pack of individually wrapped sweet treats!

Courtesy of ItsTheBombChocolate

You can choose from 5 different flavors including Regular Hot Cocoa, Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa, Peppermint Hot Cocoa, Abuelita Hot Cocoa that is topped with cinnamon, and Sea Salt Caramel.

You’ll be drinking hot chocolate everyday after this purchase, trust me. Oh and also, Merry almost Grinchmas!

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