Grocery Shopping Is More Expensive Than It’s Been In Years And It’s Stressing Me Out

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By years I mean decades…

Every time I go grocery shopping I have my calculator out adding things up as I move through the store.

I’m trying to stay within my budget, but it’s almost impossible and I go over nearly every single time lately.

I used to be able to feed my family easily and I could stretch those dollars out to keep everyone full and happy without spending a ton of money.

Now, I feel like my grocery bills have doubled and I am not out there buying convenience foods… I am just trying to feed my family healthy meals.

Grocery prices are at record highs and it happened in such a short time.

Beef has increased with about a 20.9% price change, that is insanity.

Forget about next year being any better, in fact, Kraft Heinz and Mondelez already plan on hiking prices at the beginning of 2022.

January will also bring another price jump for things like hamburger, sausage, and hot dogs.

I’m sad, I can’t even imagine what larger families are spending on groceries right now…

I miss my garden, my chickens, and my goats… at least then we had a good supply of food year-round from our own home.

Don’t even get me started on the gas prices… something has to give.

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