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I Just Found The Grossest Website That Will Fulfill All Of Your Halloween Horror Needs

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While browsing Etsy today for all of the coolest things, I happened upon a shop filled with ghastly things!

If you love to go all out on Halloween, this is the shop for you!

You’ll seriously love it if you are into special effects and things that will make people gag in horror.

The Etsy shop specializes in hyper-realistic props and prosthetics for film and SFX, but you could totally use these at home for the scariest Halloween experience ever.

Are you planning a Halloween party this year?


If so, add this to your cart… it’s a Gory Halloween Platter Decoration for Halloween Parties!


Your guests will gag and gasp in disgust when they notice this amongst your Halloween goodies and treats!

The Halloween Platter includes:

  • Bloody Severed Toes (x5)
  • Bloody Severed Fingers (x5)
  • Bloody Brain Tissue / Matter
  • Liquid Blood (20ml)
  • Fake Moss
  • Infected Maggots with Synthetic Pus Gel
  • Creepy spiders and cockroaches

Not gross enough for you?

How about these large infected blisters and boils… yummy…


It’s so nasty that some may want to gouge their eyes out!


It gets so much worse, and using things from this shop you could make the scariest costume ever!

This kit is for making infected wounds


I have one kid that is super into this sort of stuff and I’m thinking about getting her this gory Halloween bundle to mess around with.


This Gory Halloween Bundle includes:

  • Blood Severed Half-Hand Prop (x1)
  • Bloody Severed Finger Prop Set (Set of 5)
  • Bloody Severed Toe Props (x2)
  • Bloody Brain Tissue/Matter (100g bloody bag)
  • Realistic Maggots (x1 medium packet)
  • Bloody Bandages (x2)
  • Fake Blood (60ml)

Ugh, my stomach is turning just writing this and adding photos, but I know this would be such a hit over here!


You can find all of this and more in the ForensicFX Etsy shop!


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