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Hair Horns Are The New Trend And They’re Wicked Cute

Surprise!! There is a new trend, and it is going crazy on — you guessed it — TikTok!!


We used to learn about all of our trends on Instagram, but lately TikTok has been the real MVP in the trend department.

So, this new trend. It has to do with hair — which tends to be my FAVORITE kind of trends!! I love to try quirky things out on my luscious locks.

The new trend I am talking about is Hair Horns, and they are EXACTLY what they sound like.

These aren’t horns on a headband that you might get for Halloween. Nope. These are horns made with your own hair, and they are super easy to achieve.

If you have bangs you have it made, because you already have short hair on the front of your head.

For those who DON’T have bangs, part your hair like you normally style it. Then you take a little piece from either side of the top of your head, right about even with your ears.


You want to take this hair from the UNDER part of your hair, so you can easily hide it if you decide not to make horns one day.

So, once you have your little pieces of hair from either side of your head, put each side in a ponytail — about an inch or so from your scalp.


You want these ponytails to be sticking up, so you can judge what your horns will sort of look like when they’re done.

Once you have the PERFECT length, you want to take scissors, and snip your hair right above the rubber bands — you will have your little ponytails sticking straight up in the air.


Undo your rubber bands, and coat the pieces of hair in gel, or mousse, or hair spray (or something else that will make them stay in place).

You want to twist them forward and up until you get a horn shape out of the hair.

Then take a hot flat iron, and sort of curl them up. Not a tight curl, but you want to sort of bend the hair upwards.

Voila!! You should have cute little horns sticking out from either side of the top of your head.

Once you master how to make them, you can make these horns pretty quickly.

What do you think? Will you try this hair horn trend??