Half The Internet Heard Grover Drop The F?!

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Grover always has been and always be my favorite monster at the end of any book ever.

But that doesn’t mean he didn’t just drop the F bomb about what an excellent idea his furry counterpart had?

Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly what happened, but while half the internet hears Grover say, “Yes! That sounds like an excellent idea!” The other, much darker half of us hear something a little more R-rated.

It’s basically the new Yanny Laurel, if Laurel were a foul mouthed puppet. Or maybe Yanny is. I am not sure who is who in such a situation.

And we, the people of the internet have a lot to say about this.

Me either, JD, me either. It definitely sounds like an F bomb to me.

No lie though, I am kind of here for Grover the thug. I mean, he’s been around that street for a while. Surely he’s been through some stuff, right?

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