Hostess Has Glo Balls and Moonberry Twinkies for Halloween and I Need Them All

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I admit it. I love Hostess treats. But, GLO BALLS and MOONBERRY TWINKIES?!? Well played, Hostess. Well played.

You’d think I was 8 years old. The Twinkie, the Ding Dong, the cupcakes , Sno Balls, HoHos … and now you’ve given me more?!?

Something special happens at Halloween. Hostess brings out a line of special treats, just for the me just in time for the holiday!

This year, they didn’t disappoint with the addition of these two tasty treats to their holiday lineup.

The Glo Balls and Moonberry Twinkies are hitting shelves as we speak. But, you have to get them fast! They are only here for Halloween!

The Glo Ball … which has actually been out before … is much like the Sno Ball … but it’s better times infinity.

They are a CHOCOLATE CAKE (!!!), with a cream filling. Then, they’ve taken that delicious bit of magic, covered it in marshmallow, and rolled it in coconut.

It’s called the Glo Ball, because its bright orange coconut topping appears to glow at you from under the packaging (at least, that’s what I think).

Then there are the Moonberry Twinkies. OMG is all I can say.

This dark blue Twinkie looks like a Halloween night sky.

Stuffed inside is a filling fit for my tastebuds that tastes like a bunch of berries got trapped in a vat of Twinkie cream. So stinking good.

Note: Moonberry Twinkies are exclusive to Walmart, and both are here for a limited time only!

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