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iOS 16 Is Now Available to Download for iPhones

After revealing the latest iPhone, Apple says iOS 16 is available for download.

Courtesy of @vlegko

That’s right, the latest tech is available to download including new features such as personalized iPhone lock screens and among the most anticipated, editing and unsending messages.

Courtesy of Apple

Apple has made what we thought was impossible possible, and made the ability to unsend messages the future of iPhones.

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The only catch, is that both parties who are texting must be fully updated to the latest software to be able to edit and unsend messages.

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And FYI, the person on the other end of their phone will get a notification that you edited or unsent a message, and you can also mark messages as “unread” if you want to revisit the conversation later.

Courtesy of Apple

Another big change includes the interactive lock screen that allows iPhone owners to choose from personalized fonts, colors, including personalized wallpapers, widgets, and new photo effects.

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And there’s even an option to switch wallpapers throughout the day, not to mention notifications will now appear at the bottom of the screen so they’re not in the way of that beautiful background.

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But heads up!

The new software only works with iPhones 8 and up.

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To update, visit Settings and tap on the “General” tab, from there press on “Software Update” and hit ‘Download and Install” and let Apple do the rest of the work!

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Your phone’s new personality, awaits!

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