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Is Disney Remaking ‘The NeverEnding Story’?

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We all have a favorite book, right?

Mine is one that my mother bought me when I was super young and I still have that same original copy today!

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‘The NeverEnding Story’ is a book I have read many times, and I’ve watched the movie… but the movie doesn’t even come close to touching the magic in that book.

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If you’ve never read it, this is your sign to add it to your reading list immediately.

Anyhow, for a few weeks not there has been an announcement image being shared like crazy on social media.

It says that ‘The NeverEnding Story’ remake will be coming from Disney in 2024 and people are pretty much losing their minds over it.

There are rumors all over my Facebook page about a remake of ‘The NeverEnding Story’, some people are excited… who knows why… others were furious.

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I was writing about all of the D23 announcements and not once did this ever come up.

There is absolutely NO confirmation or even a mention of a possibility of Disney remaking ‘The NeverEnding Story’ at this time, so please relax for now!

Not to mention, Disney does not own the rights to this in the first place.

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Although, I wouldn’t be shocked if it actually did pop up sometime as an announcement for a remake because that seems to be all that happens with “new” movies lately.

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So for now, rest your weary heart and soul…

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