Is It Just Me, Or Do Dating Sites Make It Harder To Find Love?

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One would think that since we’ve ‘advanced’ so well technologically, a serial dater can have more options in the dating world now, right? Look at all of those dating apps available to us, not to mention the websites that pair us up with our compatible counterpart.

There are sites for Christians, Farmers, Millionaires, and even Dog Lovers. Hot Damn! We’ve hit the jackpot, Ladies!

online dating

I have plenty of men to choose from with just a click of a button. Talk about the ultimate dream…shop for men in the comfort of your own home, never having to put makeup on or dress in that killer outfit with those equally killer shoes that will destroy your feet by the end of the night. Those acting classes I took in high school will finally pay off, “I can be anyone you want me to be baby!”

Here’s the problem…there’s a reason I’m a serial dater. I’m picky. So, when I open up all of those numerous profiles and start reading their responses or the answers to their questions… I find flaws right away. Oh, I see he’s divorced with six kids. Next. This one is unemployed. Next. This one cut out his ex from the picture…very tacky, by the way. Next. In my head, I’ve just dated twenty of those guys in my imagination and it always ends badly.

There’s no need to get to know them in person…they just divulged their entire history for me to read. Heck, I don’t even need to date in the real world any longer. I already know their flaws, so I’ll just date them in my head and break if off quickly.

My new technique saves me both time and money, but my sex life suffers dramatically. But that’s a post for another day.

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