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Jeans That Look Like You’ve Peed Your Pants Are The New Trend, But Why?

I need y’all help to understand just what in the world is going on with people.

I’m a mom to three children and I spend a good bit of my days HOPING that I do not sneeze or laugh too hard and actually pee my pants.

Why on earth would someone want to buy jeans that are made to look like you peed your pants?

Wet Pants Denim

Any reason you can think of, because I am lost as hell on this one.

Own the Aesthetic Without the Discomfort

Say what? Aesthetic? Pissed pants?

Wet Pants Denim

Wet Pants Denim delivers the appearance of authentic urinary incontinence without the commonly experienced discomfort.
Wet Look, Dry Feel.

Wet Pants Denim product description
Wet Pants Denim

Y’all, what the actual…

Every pair is individually prepared by hand, ensuring the utmost attention to detail and enabling a fully custom design of the splash pattern.

Wet Pants Denim product description

Design of the splash pattern? Just look at the white denim choice, this is utterly disgusting…

Wet Pants Denim

So I clicked on the questions section to see if I could figure out why this is a thing, that answers were not really eye-opening.

There are two key issues with the traditional urinary incontinence aesthetic: 1. Wearing wet pants is uncomfortable 2. When the wet mark dries or the garment is washed, the stain is almost always gone for good

Wet Pants Denim


Check them out for yourself at Wet Pants Denim and let me know your thoughts.

Wet Pants Denim

Nolan Jones

Wednesday 26th of January 2022

When my wife was in the hospital for eating batteries, I was taking 4 seconds on a six second piss. I would have been completely lost without the safety net of the site. That’s why. I’m sure about that that’s why.

Tim Robinson

Tuesday 25th of January 2022

You gotta GIVE!!!!!


Monday 27th of September 2021

I don't see the point of fake wet pants or jeans when you can do it for real.

Rebecca Brandt

Thursday 5th of August 2021

To show that they are pissed ???

Joseph Ng

Sunday 4th of July 2021

So that when they really one would have bother till they smelled it...