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A McDonald’s ‘McFlurry Hashbrown Sandwich’ Is The Hottest New Food Trend and I’m Drooling

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There’s a new McDonald’s food hack in town, and hold on while I grab my purse.

I need to make a run to McDonald’s.

You have to admit, the star of the breakfast menu — the thing you get with EVERY SINGLE breakfast meal item is the hash brown.

Crispy and golden, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Then there’s the McFlurry. Cold and creamy, and sinfully delicious. Try not to eat the whole thing, I dare you.

But, what if I told you that people were combining the two items — the hash brown and the McFlurry — to make one hellofa delicious sandwich?

Yep. Sounds messy, and so, so good, doesn’t it?

The way it works: You get two hash browns, and your McFlurry flavor of choice.

Take one hash brown out of the McDonald’s wrapper, and load it up with a blob of that creamy McFlurry goodness.

Then you top your concoction with the second hash brown to make a sandwich.

Now, as you can imagine, you have to kind of eat this quickly. Because of the nature of the McFlurry, it is going to melt — unless you can shove it in your pie hole lickity-split like.

You might want to just make a scoop or two at a time, because it will get drippy and sticky. It won’t taste bad, but your hands might feel a little gross. Not to mention, your shirt will get stained with McFlurry grease. LOL!!

As tasmindhaliwal says on TikTok, “I swear youre going to be shocked at how good it is!”

If you try out this McDonald’s hack, let us know in the comments. I’m betting it’s going to be amazing!!

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