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We Are Going Dark For Dinner

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dixie for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Look, I have a phone problem. It is attached to me at all times. My daughter and husband have even nicknamed it “Phoney.” They take it from me every chance they get, and even my cat tries to push it out of my hands when I pet him. That’s hardcore. So, we decided to join the Dark For Dinner movement and sit down for a meal with no electronics. This is a big deal. My family is agreeing to go totally #DarkForDinner for six sundays. Let me just stop for a minute and really let that sink in. No Facebook, no instagram, no taking pictures of our food and showing it to the world. JUST us sitting, talking about our days and life in general. This is a thing people do, right? I don’t think we can just do it. We are going to have to be hardcore about it. dixie dark for dinner-0032 For us this calls for some pretty drastic measures. So, we pulled out this bag. This happy, polka dot, excited bag. The rules are simple– drop your phone in the bag and leave it there. dixie dark for dinner-0034-3 But the execution… ahh, the execution. You hear your phone over in that bag, or if you turn it off, you wonder what you are missing. It’s way harder than it sounds! dixie dark for dinner-0039 I don’t know how we will do. Will we crack? Will we all run to the bag and check to make sure nobody has posted cute cats to Instagram? I love cute cats on Instagram. Bah! No, we’ve got this. My family needs this time. Just us, nobody else. We need this, and it’s good for us. I can do this. Right? heh.

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