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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Break Up And We Are So Sad About It

Kim Kardashian is single once again…

After dating for nearly 9 months, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have broken up and are single once again.

I won’t lie, after the drama with Kanye West aka ‘Ye’, I was really rooting for Pete and Kim to make it and they seemed so happy together.

According to reports, the split was amicable and happened earlier this week.

“They are both really busy, which played a factor in the breakup,” a second insider shares. “There is no drama.”

And while they have the utmost love and respect for each other, they broke up simply because they were both so busy.

Insiders close to the two told E! News that they have

“a lot of love and respect for each other,” but that long distance and their demanding schedules “made it really difficult to maintain a relationship.”

I mean, I get it but lots of people make long-distance relationships work so I don’t know.

So, looks like for now, these two are no longer an item and we are totally sad about it.

RIP Pete and Kim’s relationship.