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The First Trailer For Dexter Season 9 Is Here And I Am So Excited!

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I am a super fan of the show Dexter, I can’t even tell you how many times I have watched the entire series.


The ending seriously hurt my heart, it wasn’t the ending that I wanted at all.

I wanted Dexter to be with Hannah McKay and his son Harrison soooo bad!

Well, after watching it over and over I finally accepted the ending, it got a little easier to deal with each time.

Then, when I heard that they were going to give us another season of Dexter to make things right, OH MY GOSH I had a fit!

Like an excited fit!


Ever since they announced season 9 of Dexter I have been watching the internet for any bit of news about the new season.

Season 9 of Dexter is set to debut sometime this fall for a 10-episode event.


I am super excited that Clyde Phillips is on board because the first seasons of Dexter were his babies and I want that same energy in season 9.

I was super disappointed to see that Michael C. Hall was the only returning character, I really wanted it to include reuniting with Hannah and Harrison.


Dexter’s gonna do what Dexter does best…

However, I’ll deal… I’m just happy to see more Dexter!

Showtime shared the new teaser trailer, you can hear Nina Simone’s “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” playing.

You see a snowy scene outside of a window.

As the camera zooms out, you then see Dexter’s reflection standing at the window and you also see Dexter’s victim tied up and struggling to get free.


The teaser ends with a smiling Dexter happy to be doing what Dexter does best! Man, I am SO excited!

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