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Gather Round Sisters, Hocus Pocus Coffee Is Here So You Can Make Your Own Witches Brew Every Morning

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If you ever wondered what a witches’ brew tastes like, here’s your chance to try a cup.

So forget the unicorn horn and dragon eyeballs because this witches’ brew is simply just coffee beans and caffeine.

Introducing Disney’s new Hocus Pocus coffee thanks to Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea company, a cup of caffeine we certainly don’t doubt a spell of deliciousness has been casted over with every bean.

Decorated with the Sanderson Sisters right on the front package, each roast of ground coffee packs a punch of autumn flavors with notes of witchcraft.

Featuring flavors of cinnamon apple and caramel, (two common fall flavors), get ready to grab your cauldron mug to fill your witches’ brew with, I mean coffee.

And whether or not you enjoy this Hocus Pocus inspired coffee black or with creamer, this roast will not only conjure up what might be your new favorite cup of coffee, but the house will smell like autumn too.

You can find the Sanderson Sister’s roast online at Joffereys.com or stocked at their @midtowntampa store too if you just so happen to be a resident in Florida.

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