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DiGiorno and Stouffer’s Have Created A Macaroni and Cheese Pizza and It Is Everything

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There are a few foods that I can eat all of the time, and two of those are pizza and macaroni and cheese.


When it comes to frozen pizza, there really isn’t one that beats DiGiorno!

DiGiorno and Stouffer’s have created the ultimate mashup of two of my favorite foods and I need it right now!

Now take that yummy goodness of a DiGiorno pizza and combine it with creamy and cheesy macaroni and cheese that is inspired by Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese and that sounds like a winner!


The new Original Rising Crust Mac & Cheese Pizza takes a fresh-baked classic DiGiorno Pizza and tops it with mac and cheese and my tastebuds are craving it.

It’s not available in stores yet, however, this is National Pizza Month and DiGiorno wants to give fans a chance to have the first taste of the new mashup pizza!

Starting right now, you can enter their online sweepstakes through October 27, 2021, to win the chance for first dibs!

The new Original Rising Crust Mac & Cheese Pizza is scheduled to hit stores in the Spring of 2022!

If you want the chance to try the new Original Rising Crust Mac & Cheese Pizza sooner, just enter to win online!


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