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These Yip Yip Monster Hanging Baskets Are The Perfect Accessory For That Kid At Heart

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Now, you can get your very own Yip Yip Monsters, and it’s totally cool if you own them, because they are hanging baskets!


I’m not afraid to admit that I still love Sesame Street Monsters.

It seems like just last year my daughter’s room was decorated in all things Sesame Street, and we were buying stock in Elmo toys.

While that’s been a few years, I’m not ashamed to admit it’s MY turn to decorate my house with some vintage Sesame Street characters.

It’s possible that my favorite Sesame Street monsters ever to exist are those yip-yappy Yip Yip Aliens (Martians? Squid Creatures? Monsters?).

OMG, they are just the cutest, aren’t they? Gah!!

I MUST own my own set of Yip Yip Monster hanging baskets.


Mouth opening measures approximately 6 inches. Alien measures approximately 10 inches (14 inches including the tentacles)


I don’t even know what I’d use them for. Maybe for hair scrunchies? Maybe as a plastic bag holder? I don’t know, maybe for pencils and pens?


Sure, these would be totally cute in a playroom for little toys or some other baby supply.


But, I’m totally getting these Yip Yip Monsters for ME!! An Adult!!

Bought this with the sole intention to use it for holding my duckies when I’m out and about ducking other Jeeps. (It’s a jeep thing) This is everything I thought it would be and then some. Perfect size and looks just like the photo. Love the soft yarn that was used to make it and the knitting is nice and tight with no holes. Definitely proud to have this in my rig and I know it will peak lots of interest from those who see it. Great job!!!

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You could even put a potted plant inside to add some fun to your indoor garden.

Heck, during the holidays, you could totally use these as cute gift bags!! The ideas for their use are ENDLESS!!


Each Yip Yip Monster is handmade with love, using Bernat Blanket Yarn. If you don’t know what that is, just know it’s hella soft.

They are machine washable on a gentle setting, and you can tumble them in the dryer on low. You want to make sure you remove the eyes and antennae before you wash them.


So stinking cute! I always loved those characters as a kid. They are a perfect addition to our home

Etsy Reviews

Each Monster runs $22, and there are 8 colors to choose from: Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Light Blue, Red, Dark Blue, and Green.


You can pick up your own handmade Yip Yip Monster Basket from the CreationsByCreek shop on Etsy.


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