Here’s How You Can See 5 Planets And The Moon This Weekend Without A Telescope

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You don’t even have to be an astronomy nerd — like my husband — to be excited about the space phenomenon that is happening THIS WEEKEND!!

Get this — You’ll be able to see FIVE planets AND the moon, WITHOUT a telescope. And, it’s all happening just before sunrise THIS Sunday.

WHAT?!? I’m serious! How cool is that?

Two hours before sunrise, you’ll already be able to spot Jupiter in the southwestern sky with the ringed planet Saturn above it and to the right. Mars, aka the red planet, will be visible in the southeastern horizon. Venus blazes in the eastern sky, and Mercury will be to the right of the moon–which will be very low in the east-northeast, reports

Yahoo Life

So, first you’ll see Jupiter, then Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. And, on top of all that, you’ll see the crescent moon — which is my FAVORITE type of moon. Cheshire Cat smile!

Now, Mercury, Jupiter, and the moon will be LOW on the horizon, so even though you may be able to see them without a telescope, you MAY want a pair of binoculars, just to see them a little better.

In fact, I bought this pair of binoculars, and had them delivered on two-day delivery, just for this very cool space phenomenon weekend. They are hella cool. Check them out!

Set your alarm on Sunday morning, because you are NOT going to want to miss this. It isn’t every day that something cool like this happens.

FINALLY, something cool is happening in 2020, instead of doom and despair. Ha!

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