Instead Of Sharing Your Senior Photo, Share A Memory Of Your Senior

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We get it. When you were a senior in high school, you were adorable and totally hot.

I love that you want to show your support for the Senior Class of 2020, who just happened to get quarantined during their peak senior moments.–uzdNpsuX/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

BUT, maybe we should be sharing photos of THEM, or a sweet story of a Senior Class of 2020 moment.

This way, it is all about THEM, instead of shoving our most excellent pinnacle senior moments in their faces.

Maybe we could advocate for, and start planning ways for them to still have their senior moments: Prom, Senior Breakfast, Graduation.

I’m not trying to take away, or lessen, YOUR senior moments, but let’s be a little more sensitive to the class that had their senior moments of glory stripped away.

It is hard enough for them, without seeing all of our fun senior moments, that they most likely aren’t going to get to have.

So, here’s the NEW challenge: Post a picture or video of your senior in their favorite moment or memory from their senior year.

It could be their senior photo. It might be Homecoming. It could just be a fun photo taken during one of their classes.

Shout it out to the WORLD that you have an AMAZING senior from the class of 2020!

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