Lady Gaga Has A Surprise Performance at The Oscars Wearing a T-Shirt and Jeans

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Lady Gaga is the GOAT.

Lady Gaga just made a surprise performance at The Oscars and while her performance was amazing, people were in awe over her outfit choice…

Lady Gaga literally performed at The Oscars in a t-shirt and jeans and went makeup-free on stage.

People are a bit shocked given that Lady Gaga had walked the white carpet (the carpet wasn’t red this year) completely glammed up just hours ago…

Let’s be honest, she looks gorgeous either way, her entire performance and look was a total surprise especially after it was announced that she wasn’t going to perform this year!

Gaga Daily

People are loving her performance and are praising her dressed down look!

Pop Base

You can watch a snippet of her performance below.

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