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A Malibu Barbie Cafe Is Happening. Here’s Everything You’ll Want To Know

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“Come on Barbie, let’s go party.”

You are about to be able to live out your childhood fantasy, and dive head first into the world of Barbie.

Bucket Listers

There is a Malibu Barbie Cafe on its way, and Margot Robbie isn’t the only one who gets to visit Barbie Land in real life.

This new Malibu Barbie Cafe promises to “bring the Barbie experience to life,” and you can just count me there!

Bucket Listers

Bucket Listers, the same company that brought us a Golden Girls themed pop-up restaurant, is taking the helm and bringing the Malibu Barbie Cafe to life.

As soon as you step into our trendy cafe, you’ll be transported to 1970s Malibu California with a sea of poptimistic Barbie colors, laid back beachy motifs, and lots of retro glam.

Bucket Listers

Bucket Listers promises that we will be immersing ourselves into the world of Barbie with this new pop-up cafe.

The Barbie Cafe will have plenty of photo ops inspired by Malibu Barbie, including a life-size Barbie Box, perfect for snapping those selfies with your besties.

Bucket Listers

A Malibu Barbie Cafe Is Coming!

You might be wondering about the menu.

It is being called a fast-casual experience that promises “friendly fare, delicious desserts, and a variety of drinks.”

Our menu was created with all tastes and preferences in mind, and features a delicious array of classics with a unique Barbie-inspired twist.

Bucket Listers
Bucket Listers

Prices start at $35 for kiddos and $50 for adults, and include a “reserved seat, guaranteed window of time to dine, and choice of entree and side item.”

Brunch items are on the menu, including Pacific Paradise Pancakes, West Coast Wave Wedge Salad, and a California Dreamin’ Club Sandwich.

Can I get all three?!?

Bucket Listers

You can even finish your Barbie-themed meal with something called the Anything is Possible Sundae.

Um — yes, please!!

Whether you’re a longtime Barbie fan, celebrating a special occasion, or just gathering with friends, we’ve got something for everyone here.

Bucket Listers

This event is for all ages, and would be PERFECT for a girls’ day out with the besties.

Now for the bad news. You knew there had to be some, right?

This Barbie Cafe experience is only coming to Chicago and New York.

Bucket Listers

It will be open from May 17 to September 15th in New York City, and from June 7th to September 15 in Chicago.

Time for a road trip, AMIRITE??

Bucket Listers

If you have grown up wishing you could visit the world of Barbie Land, you aren’t going to want to miss this!!

You can join the waitlist for Chicago HERE, and the waitlist for New York HERE.

And, if you want to check out the new trailer for the Barbie movie, here ya go!!

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