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This New Series Has Already Taken Over the #1 Spot on Netflix in Just Four Days

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Karma is a b**ch.

And Netflix’s new series shows exactly why you shouldn’t commit to road rage while driving.

The new series which introduces Amy Lau and Danny Cho shows a growing tension, between two main characters who meet on the road and after an act of road rage.

However their anger towards one another ultimately gets worse.

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The highly-anticipated show that individuals with a Netflix subscription have been waiting for, tells the tale of two drivers who get into a road rage incident that becomes more revengeful overtime.

And let’s just say that their two lives without the unnecessary road rage are already chaotic.

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Starring Steven Yeun and Ali Wong created by Lee Sung Jin, the new comedy series drops ten episodes to the streaming platform.

The feud between Amy and Danny ultimately brings out both of their deepest secrets and darkest impulses throughout the storyline, but of course the characters don’t know that yet.

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The new show which was released to the streaming giant just five days ago and less than a week, has already claimed the #1 spot on Netflix.

Goodbye, Night Agent.

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Who would’ve thought we would have seen the day The Night Agent becomes second place.

Not to mention, the #1 show has already racked up a near perfect score, revealing a 99% rate on Rotten Tomatoes, but we believe it might just reach a 100 considering how good this storyline is!

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Those who have been waiting for the series can finally sit down on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn because ten new episodes of Beef have officially released, only on Netflix!

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