M&M’s Is Releasing A Mystery Egg Variety Pack For Easter And I Can’t Wait To Try A Bag

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M&M’s is always 2 steps ahead when it comes to releasing new holiday snacks but this year, they’ve upped the ante because the candy company has already experimented with new Easter M&M’s flavors for 2021!

I know I know, we haven’t even reached Halloween yet but hold the phone, because both of these candies aren’t hitting shelves UNTIL Easter of 2021 and who says you can’t be prepared early this year.

Besides, now you know what candy to include in your kids Easter basket this year!

Courtesy of Instacart

M&M’s new mystery mix eggs pack was uploaded to Meijer’s website and Instacart even has a price for the new M&M’s flavor which is currently standing at almost 5 bucks a pack.

Courtesy of Meijer

The variety pack is filled with chocolate, peanut butter, and double chocolate eggs but it comes with a catch. Until you bite into the candy, you won’t know which flavor you’re crunching on until you try it.

Courtesy of Meijer

Considering I won’t know which flavor is which, talk about eating the entire bag quicker than ever before.

Courtesy of Meijer

Now let’s also quickly admire this year’s packaging because it is insanely adorable! The bag itself is decorated with classic Easter colors including yellow, pink, lilac and baby blue with the famous red M&M directly on the front wearing Easter bunny ears and holding a basket full of Easter eggs.

Courtesy of Meijer

Trust me, you won’t be able to pass by this candy in the grocery store without doing a double take; now I don’t want to say that Easter can’t come soon enough, but I am really excited to try these new flavors!


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