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This Evil Toy Duck From ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Has Rolled Into Town Just In Time For Halloween

You can now get this wicked sweet, but maybe just a little bit evil, killer toy duck from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and it is totally adorable in the most atrocious way possible.


I am just a wee bit obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas. I think I own everything that has ever been available related to Jack Skellington and the crew.

High-top sneakers? Yep. Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly? Uh-huh. Squishmallows? Of course!

But, now this toy duck from The Nightmare Before Christmas has rolled into my world, and it must become part of my Nightmare collection.


Isn’t it just the most perfect evil toy duck ever?!?

First off, I came here because, frankly, there is no other product like this in size. Most Killer Ducks are small figures or toys, and I wanted a sizeable one for my Nightmare Before Christmas-themed Halloween decor.

Etsy Reviews

This killer toy duck sits about 10 inches tall, and rides on a board plank about 9 inches long.


The attention to detail on this killer duck is impeccable. From his bullet holes, to his bullseye eyeballs, to his razor sharp teeth, he is simply perfect!

[It] has functioning wheels so it may successfully pursue a life filled with human slaughter. 


Now, this killer toy duck is handmade to order, which means you need to leave time for it to be created. It typically takes a bit more than a month before it will show up at your door.


This killer toy duck costs about $135, and you want to make sure you pay attention to shipping costs before you place your order.

You can get your own Nightmare Before Christmas Evil Killer Toy Duck from ThePropsShop on Etsy.