You Can Get Nestle Mini Drumstick Ice Cream And I Need Some Now

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I LOVE Drumsticks ice cream. Let’s face it…I love ice cream in general. It’s my absolute favorite dessert. So when I laid eyes on what I’m about to show you, I may have swooned a little bit.


Introducing Drumstick Mini Drums! Bite-sized ice cream! Not only are these so stinking cute, but think about it…the bottom of the drumstick is the best part and now you get a ton of them!


These Mini Drums are based on the Simply Dipped Drumsticks and don’t have peanuts on top. As of right now they only come in vanilla. But I’m sure if the popularity of the item grows, so will the diversity of flavors. And they definitely know how to deliver that.


The Mini Drums boxes come with 20 Mini Drums each and the photo on the front of the box is the actual size of the little ice creams. As I said before, SO STINKING CUTE.


No warm weather day is complete without the classic frozen treat of an ice cream cone! Our Drumstick Mini Drums Simply Dipped Vanilla feature the classic sweet and crunchy chocolate blend with luscious vanilla and a crispy sugar cone. They’re the perfect mini size, too, and ideal for the whole family, especially your little ones. They’re the ideal size to satisfy all your ice cream cravings – big or small!


Boxes of Mini Drums are available nationwide at grocery stores. Prices will vary based on location. I found them at Walmart for around $5.00 a box.

If you have more of an appetite, Costco is also selling 40-count variety packs of your favorite ice cream truck items like full-sized Drum Sticks, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Cookie Dipped Bars.


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