You Can Get A 3-Pound Kit Kat Variety Bag That Includes The New Strawberry and Creme Flavor

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One of my favorite candies since I was a kid has been Kit Kat bars. My dad and I both love them actually.

When I was in college, my dad would leave me a Kit Kat bar on my desk every time I would come home for break; plus a smart water, but that’s not the point!


The point I’m trying to make, is that my family has had a long time love for the beloved Kit Kat bar.


Kit Kat most recently released an Apple Pie flavor which has been a big hit. Now, the company has taken the brand a step further and is introducing a new bag of miniature assortments.

The 160-piece bag will have fun-sized Kit Kat bars with three different flavors, Chocolate Milk, White Crème and Strawberry & Crème. Among the three, what’s your favorite flavor?


If you picked Strawberry & Crème head’s up, because the new Strawberry & Crème flavor is only available in the new miniatures assortment bag. However, Hershey is always innovating, according to Hershey’s PR rep to Best Products.

You can find Kit Kat’s new miniature variety assortment bag listed on Instacart, available in Costco and you know I’m already buying one.

The OG Milk Chocolate flavor will be the first to go in the bag for me!

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