This Netflix Film Is Out Just In Time For Father’s Day And Will Give You All The Feels

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Happy Father’s Day! If you’re chilling at home and looking for something good to watch, I’ve found the movie for you.

Sitting in the #1 spot on Netflix today is a movie called Fatherhood, featuring Kevin Hart. And it is the PERFECT movie to watch today.


This story follows a widowed father having to raise his daughter alone, and the entire journey that follows it. It’s heartwarming, hopeful, funny (obviously since Kevin Hart is involved!), and so well made that it’ll tug on your heart in the best way.


This is a great, family friendly movie that I would definitely suggest to anyone. So it’s really not surprising it immediately ended up in the number one spot of the Netflix Top Ten.


It may also remind you how hard it is to have a newborn and break that baby fever of yours. I definitely don’t miss that stage of life.


So give your dad an extra hug today, snuggle up with your family, and take the time to watch this movie! It’s definitely worth it!


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