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Netflix’s Has A New Christmas Movie Starring Jason Biggs, Heather Graham, And Brandy, And It Is Totally Relatable

There’s a new Christmas movie coming to Netflix, and this one is supposed to be legit.

Yep. I’ve already started watching Christmas movies.

Don’t judge. It’s after Halloween.

My family always looks forward to all the new Christmas movies that come out during this time of year — the ones that we can add to the growing list of traditional favorites we watch every year.

And, this new Christmas flick about to drop on Netflix looks like it’s going to be a fun one!


What Is This New Netflix Christmas Movie About?

Every Christmas, there is that one friend who sends out a Christmas letter telling everyone how great their life has been during the last year.

I find it both annoying and intriguing, and the Christmas letter usually makes me feel inadequate in my own life.


Can you relate?

That is where this film starts.


Charlotte Sanders and Jackie Jennings have a past, but have remained frenemies for years.

This Christmas, when Charlotte receives Jackie’s annual Christmas letter touting how “perfect” her life is, Charlotte is determined to break down Jackie’s perceived perfectionism.


She makes it her mission to prove that Jackie’s life is as hard as her own.

Charlotte and her family show up unannounced on Jackie’s doorstep, planning to debunk the myth of her perfect life — but Charlotte finds it harder than she thought possible.


The rivals are forced to spend the holiday together.

While Charlotte is searching for evidence of a crack in Jackie’s perfect facade, the families discover more Christmas magic than they ever expected.


Is it predictable? Well, it’s a Christmas movie, so you tell me.

Is it good ol’ Christmas fun? Yes. Definitely, yes.


This film is available NOW on Netflix, so get to streaming!

You can see the trailer for Best. Christmas. Ever. below.