This New Kia Seats 11 People So, Go Ahead And Bring The Entire Family For A Ride

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Big family? Heck, nowadays if you have more than 2 kids it’s likely you are needing a bigger car such as an SUV or Minivan. Preferably something that offers a third row.


And let’s not talk about the space needed to accommodate more than one car seat…

Well, Kia not only has you covered, but they are giving you enough room to bring the whole family including Grandma, Grandpa and weird Uncle Kyle too.


Kia has a new ride that seats 11.

Yes, I said ELEVEN and it’s basically a compact bus if you ask me.


Okay, in reality, it’s actually considered a Mini Van but it does have 11 seats among 4 rows (most SUV’s and mini vans only have 3 rows).


Obviously, with the 4th row you literally have no cargo space but hey, at least you soccer moms can haul around the entire soccer team (minus the gear), right?


It is called the Kia Carnival and is a mini van with an large SUV-inspired design meaning it looks more like an SUV than a van.


It features rear doors on both sides that are also sliding doors that open much like you’d see in a VAN and the seats move forward and sideways to allow passengers to enter the 3rd-row seats and fourth rows.

The cabin area really does resemble that of a van.


The fourth row seems to be quite small so good for children or small adults but you can also entirely lay it flat inside of the car for additional cargo.

There is plenty of room when fold seats down or slide the seats back. It offers quite a bit of flexibility on the amount of people you lug around in it.


Aside from being able to haul around a small carnival (see what I did there?) it has several fancy features that makes this pretty hard to pass up.

The Kia Carnival is a 2022 model and the base model starts at $32,100 (8-passenger) and goes up as you get more seats, features, etc.

Depending on the model and trims you choose, you’ll have features like a navigation system, rear parking sensors, blind-spot cameras, remote start, apple carplay, rear climate control and more.


The van does take diesel so I can only imagine how bad the gas mileage will be but hey, may be worth it for all the room, right?

The Kia Grand Carnival comes in a 6,7,8 or 11 passenger model among 4 different colors including: Snow White Pearl, Silky Silver, Aurora Black Pearl and Panthera Metal.

So, what do you think? Is this something you’d be interested in?

I certainly think it’s cool especially if you have a large family.


You can check out the 11-person Kia Carnival in the video below. You can also read the manufactuer specs here.

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  1. These aren’t available in the US. 8 seats max. I asked our dealership. The 11 seater does not meet US safety regulations.

    1. @Mandy, What is this supposed safety regulation that they don’t meet?

  2. Maybe we don’t want to let you know how it is I have 12 kids and I definitely need something like this in my life

  3. I definitely need this I have 9 kids and me and husband

  4. With having 11 seats does it have tow hitch and capability since you have to choose people or luggage

    1. @Christina,
      Maybe you can use a roof rack if all of the seats are taken?

    2. @Brandy,
      Nah, they start crying up there when get on the highway.

  5. Love in the uk would love this had the 7 seater Kia before
    How much and when will it be available

  6. I definitely need this we’re all family of 10 and always need to take two cars if we all doing the family thing. Great idea

  7. Where do you put luggage if all seats are taken?

    1. @Coral Rychener, would have to have roof racks or cargo carrier I guess.

  8. I Would Love This I’m A Family Of 7 But With My Husband Grandkids This Would Be Awesome

  9. I have a big family and can use something like this

  10. What is not mentioned engine size a and fuel economy.

  11. It’s nice went they think about big families that can ride only in one car we a family of its me my husband my 3 daughters my son my son in law and my grandson

  12. I need this! With a big family and aging parents. This is a must for my family.

  13. Do you have one with head rests on the middle seats and adjust like the 4th row ones???

  14. Totally awesome. I could of used this car 15years ago.

  15. I definitely need this van right now have a big size family

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