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This Mix Of Painted Daisy Flowers Is The Splash Of Color Your Yard Needs This Summer

There is nothing more inviting than a yard filled with colorful flowers in bloom.

TomorrowSeeds – Etsy

A mix of Painted Daisies is a super easy way to get that bright splash of color year after year.

You can buy Painted Daisies as an open-pollinated mix of annual seeds to plant.

TomorrowSeeds – Etsy

They have large blooms with gorgeous rings of color.

There is a variety of colors with many brilliant hues that include red, yellow, white, violet, and pink.

TomorrowSeeds – Etsy

The colorful “painted” petals fan out from the large golden center, and they bloom from early to mid-summer.

This is the second round of seeds I’ve purchased and am very happy with them! I’m already planning for next year’s veggies/flowers from here! 

Jaime – Etsy customer review
TomorrowSeeds – Etsy

If you love to keep cut flowers in your home, this is a brilliant way to do it because they are perfect for bouquets and cut flower arrangements.

The Painted Mix Daisy has a germination rate of 89% and is an annual flower, you can always collect seeds from your flowers to get more bang for your buck!

TomorrowSeeds – Etsy

It takes the seeds about 15-21 days to germinate before planting and then 90-120 days to harvest.

They grow to be about 2 feet to 3 feet tall with a bloom diameter of 2 inches to 3 inches and do best in full sun or partial shade.

TomorrowSeeds – Etsy

So far I am very happy. The seeds germinated after a few days and I’m already looking forward to the beautiful sunflowers in summer. Shipping was super fast too. Everything worked out wonderfully. I would order seeds from the shop again! Highly recommended. Thanks!

Kristin – Etsy customer review

You can purchase your mix of Painted Daisy Seeds from TomorrowSeeds on Etsy!

TomorrowSeeds – Etsy