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Move Over Jack-O’-Lanterns, Painted Disney Pumpkins Are This Year’s Hottest Pumpkin Decorating Trend

Is it just me or does everyone else agree that when you carve pumpkins every year, it’s secretly a contest within the entire neighborhood.

With that being said, I have carved some unique pumpkins in the past but what truly takes the cake, are these Halloween Disney pumpkins.

Courtesy of Girly Girl

These Disney pumpkins are painted in several iconic characters throughout Disney movie history.

Courtesy of Girly Girl

Really any character you can think of, I can guarantee his or her face is most likely painted on one of these incredible pumpkins.

Take for example, Olaf. A popular Disney character who is known for his role in ‘Frozen’, has come to life with not one but two creatively decorated white pumpkins with what also looks like tree branches for arms.

Courtesy of Girly Girl

Even Mufasa is included in the mix with his usual cunning facial expression detailed with his lion’s fur and beard.

Courtesy of Girly Girl

What’s unique about these pumpkins is that it’s nearly impossible not to crack a smile from this collection of pictures.

Courtesy of Girly Girl

Now all I know, is that I want to try and paint a few Disney characters myself for Halloween this year.

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Which one is your favorite?

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