Panera Bread’s Lemonade is Killing People. Here’s What You Should Know.

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Have y’all tried the Charged Lemonade from Panera?

If you have, maybe it’s time to visit your doctor just to make sure everything is fine and dandy.


It’s all fun and games, until death is on the line.

Panera is now being slammed with its second lawsuit for wrongful death after someone drank a glass of this Charged Lemonade.

Scary, huh?!?

The first lawsuit came from the family of Sarah Katz, a 21 year old who drank this lemonade not knowing that it was jam packed full of caffeine.

Apparently, Sarah had a heart condition that made her limit her caffeine intake — in fact, she avoided energy drinks on the advice of her doctor.

She wasn’t aware that drinking a glass of this Charged Lemonade was the equivalent of drinking cans of Red Bull and Monster energy drinks combined.

According to NBC News, this Charged Lemonade was available right next to all of Panera’s non-caffeinated — or less caffeinated drinks — and was labeled as “plant-based and clean.”

A Second Person Has Died After Drinking Panera’s Charged Lemonade

NOW, a second person — Dennis Brown — has passed away after drinking THREE glasses of Panera’s Charged Lemonade.

He suffered “a fatal cardiac arrest” while on his way home from the restaurant after consuming the Charged Lemonade.

Dennis had an unspecified chromosomal deficiency disorder, a developmental delay, a mild intellectual disability, and high blood pressure — which is a no-no when it comes to consuming energy drinks.

Apparently, he had previously enjoyed this Charged Lemonade with no ill effects, but this time, the sheer amount of caffeine intake was too much for his heart to handle.

We view this lawsuit, which was filed by the same law firm as a previous claim, to be equally without merit. Panera stands firmly by the safety of our products.


Please be careful out there.

Just because something is listed as “plant-based and clean,” doesn’t mean it’s going to be good for you.

Our hearts go out to the families of the victims at this time.

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