You Can Get A Peeps Decorating Kit That Allows You Make The Fanciest Marshmallows Ever

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Have you ever thought, “Huh, these Peeps are good, but they are just not QUITE sweet enough?”. Well, this one just might be for you. Ha!

Peeps have come out with decorating kits, complete with Peeps, icing, and candy accessories for your newly spruced up Peep!

Via candyhunting on Instagram

Each little 5 ounce box comes with FIVE Peep Chicks for you to decorate.

That’s FIVE chances for your imagination to run WILD as you bedeck these Peeps in all their icing glory!

These little guys have been seen at Walgreens — Of course. They have EVERYTHING. Walgreens is the Target of the convenience store world, is it not? LOL!

You might also like to know that a decorating package has been seen of PINK BUNNIES! I think I’m going to need to make a Walgreens run, pronto!

Move over Easter Eggs, this is going to be the NEW decorating kit at MY house!

Via candyhunting on Instagram

Did you know that you can ALSO get Peeps Push Up Marshmallow Pops that taste like Froot Loops cereal? Yes, I’m serious!

And, just in time for Easter, you can MAKE your own Peeps Trail Mix. It is sooo tasty, and so much fun to make.

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