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Here’s Why People Are Eating Oranges In The Shower

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I have a specific shower routine. Wash my hair, wash my face, shave, wash my body, and then rinse it all down the drain.

It never even crossed my mind to incorporate Eat An Orange into my shower festivities, but maybe I should.

People on TikTok are ripping into oranges while in the shower, and savoring that juicy goodness as the steam from the hot water builds around them.

Why? What’s the point?

It’s simple, really.

The steam from the shower enhances the aroma of the orange, enveloping your entire body in the uplifting smell of citrus.

The shower humidity may grab the essential oils of the orange, especially released when peeling it, and circulate the smell around the especially small space of the shower.

 Dawn Jackson Blatner, registered dietician nutritionist

If you know anything about essential oils, you know that people use citrus to stimulate the senses.

It supposedly puts you in a better mood, eases your anxiety, and reduces tension and frustration.

According to Aromacare, citrus is also used to “boost emotional and physical energy.”

Peeling an orange in a steamy shower helps release that energizing aromatic citrus scent.

 Maggie Michalczyk, registered dietician

It really turns your shower into a sort of spa-like experience with the fragrance and the steam.

Fancy, right?

Not to mention, the water will wash all the sticky mess from the orange right down the drain. LOL!!

So tomorrow, before you hop into the shower, you might want to grab an orange and give it a try.

I’m not saying it’s going to make your entire day better, but it will sure start it off on a happy note.

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