Amazon Is Selling A Cereal That Promises To Help You Go Number Two

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Do you need to go #2? Constipated? Well, Amazon has got you covered!

Amazon is Selling A Cereal That Promises To Help You Go Number Two!

The Cereal is called Poop Like A Champion® and it’s a High Fiber Cereal that helps you go poo ha!

It takes Two mighty fibers to make a perfect number Two. Insoluble fiber is famous for bulking things up and moving waste out. BUT soluble fiber is the real MVP. Absorbing liquids to form a gel for a super smooth ride to the finish line. Without it, you lose that Can – Poo attitude and constipation wins. So get your daily dose of both fibers and drink lots of water, and you’ll be pooping like a Champion whenever nature calls!

It’s the ultimate colon cleansing formula with a stupendous amount of soluble and insoluble fiber.

With over 2,100 reviews and almost 5 stars, I’d say it does the job it says it does, wouldn’t you?

Honestly, the reviews are HILARIOUS:

But in all seriousness, it does work. Just prepare yourself to hit the bathroom a lot and drink lots of water!

You can get the Poop Like A Champion Cereal on Amazon’s website for around $12 a box!


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