Amazon Is Selling A 6-Foot Purple Bat Tree That Will Light Up Any Room On Halloween Night

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Similar to the weeping willow tree, you can get a 6 foot, 4 foot or even a 1.5 foot LED purple bat tree that just screams Halloween.

Courtesy of Amazon

The branches on the tree are bendable, so you can bend them every which way to create the look you desire.

There are in total 496 purple LED lights and 24 purple bats, which means this tree can give all the light you’ll ever need to create a spooky ambience in the living room, bedroom, porch etc.

Courtesy of Amazon

Plus, the bats are super adorable, I mean… scary, just look at those fangs!

It’s no doubt that this tree will be the centerpiece of the party, especially with branches that are covered in purple glitter; just plug in and you’re ready to go!

Courtesy of Amazon

You can even place the LED tree on a dresser next to your bed because this tree comes in 3 different sizes, just incase you desire a mini spooky tree!

You can get the 6 foot tree for $60 on Amazon, while the 4 foot tree will cost you $40 and the 1.5 foot tree, $25.

Courtesy of Amazon

You know what I’m thinking, you can totally place the 6 foot sized LED tree next to your bed and make it a spooky bat lamp at night! How cute!

You can get this LED Bat Tree on Amazon Here.

Courtesy of Amazon

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