You Can Get A Pair Of ‘Ratatouille’ Disney Ears That Have A Light-up Silhouette of Remy In a Chef’s Hat

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We all secretly wish we could cook like Remy in Disney’s classic movie ‘Ratatouille’.

I’ve even seen some people go as far as cooking one of Remy’s meals in real life, you know, the one he presents to the food critic.

Courtesy of @HEAinc

If you’re not the best cook, these Disney ears might change that and create some serious food inspiration.

Courtesy of @HEAinc

Etsy account @HEAinc, is selling Disney inspired Ratatouille ears and I think they just might be the next trending ears to wear at Disney parks! I’m calling it!

Each set of ears are creatively handmade with a light up chef hat in the middle of the two mouse ears with Remy’s shadow illuminated.

Courtesy of @HEAinc

There’s even a sparkly pink bow in the middle with a wooden spoon attached and if you’re not a fan of pink, the bow also comes in a grey which I’m definitely digging.

Courtesy of @HEAinc

You can purchase the Disney Ratatouille ears for about 41 dollars on Etsy and I have feeling these might sell out quickly, so get yours ASAP if you’re interested!

Courtesy of @HEAinc

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