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You’ll Be Able To See A Rare ‘Christmas Star’ Shine Brightly Tonight For First Time in 800 years

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A super rare event is happening this December, something that has not happened in 800 years! We’re talking like not since the middle ages!

Jupiter and Saturn will be so close to each other that they will look like a “double planet” when we look up at the sky! It will be super bright and phenomenal to see!


We just had the brilliant Frosty Moon and Lunar Eclipse to end November. And now, perfectly timed with the winter solstice on December 21st, we will witness a once in a lifetime event!


For those of us that live in the northern hemisphere, get your telescope ready! Just after sunset on December 21st, you will be able to observe the even in the southwestern sky.


If you have a good enough telescope, you may be able to even see Saturn’s rings, the Galilean moons, and even the bands of Jupiter! The whole thing will only last a few hours after the sun sets for the evening.


Jupiter and Saturn will appear so perfectly aligned and from our perspective here on Earth, will only be 0.06º apart. This is known as “The Great Conjunction”!


This has not happened since March 4, 1226, and we won’t see them this close again until March 15th, 2080! Well, I definitely won’t be around for that!


How To Watch

You can actually start watching them inch closer and closer right now! If you were to pull out your telescope you would see how close they are already and continue watching until the evening of the 21st.

On December 21st, use your telescope to locate the constellation Capricorn, and you will find the “double planet” of Jupiter and Saturn right near that. This is definitely an event you don’t want to miss!

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