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This Sandwich Cutter Set Will Turn Food In Little Bites Of Fun For Your Kids

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You have got to check out these Sandwich Cutter Sets that I found on Amazon.


You may be thinking, “Sandwich Cutters? Big deal!”

Oh, nay-nay my dear friend.


My kids are a bit past the toddler age (Hello, teenagers!), but don’t fool yourself into thinking that I don’t have to trick them into eating the foods I make. The struggle is real! They are the PICKIEST eaters you have ever seen.

The more cutesy and fun I can make it, the better. I’m telling you — I have to trick them into eating real food.

Now, I’m not one of those mom’s who is creative enough (or has the time) to make full-on sculptures out of my kids’ food. That’s a bit on the ridiculous side (But, if you do that, good for you! Keep on keeping on.).

Keep it simple, keep it fun. That is my motto.

That is why these adorable Sandwich Cutters are so perfect for my next kitchen accessories.


I keep calling them Sandwich Cutters, but they can do so much more than just cut bread for sandwiches.

They turn vegetables, fruits, cheese, and cookies into little bites of fun.

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Our set includes 9 sandwich cutters, 8 vegetable/fruit cutters, and 10 animal food picks.


They’d even be GREAT to use for an awesome charcuterie board!!

Amazon Reviews

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For $29, you get a whole slew of cute cutters: a butterfly, a heart, a dog (complete with house), a star, a dinosaur, a jigsaw puzzle, an elephant, and a dolphin.


Our set makes it easy to turn a boring lunch into fun shapes in a jiffy before school. Suitable for both girls and boys, they will love the healthy tidbits in their lunchboxes so much that they’ll want to show them off to their friends.


Out of nearly 1,000 reviews on Amazon, these food cutters get a 4.6 out of 5 Stars. Obviously, the majority of those stars were a 5 Star Rating!!

Amazon Reviews

You can get your own 29pc Sandwich Cutter Set on the Amazon website.

I’ve already ordered mine!

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